Does Peer Pressure Influence Teenagers & What are Impacts of Peer Pressure on Young People?

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Does Peer Pressure Influence Teenagers?

Does Peer Pressure Influence Teenagers?

Does peer pressure influence young people to engage in risqué behaviours?

Peer pressure is considering as a critical phenomenon in terms of risky or criminal behaviour in society. This kind of behaviours' among young people can be started in childhood around five year's age. Besides, this behaviour could spoil the young generation effectively, which becomes more complex in advance periods. Although, how can the community overcome this situation and develop awareness among young people?  This paper would like to represent how peer pressure is appearing in young people and how it can influence easily on their minds. In the present era, such types of behaviours are not compromised easily like unprotected sex; substance abuse; chronicle alcohol. As a result, it leads them to commit crimes openly; therefore, these crimes put a negative impact on others who are all living in the society. Apart from that, it is calculated that around 40 to 50% of childhood are involved in sexual abuse which is considered a critical crime. However, this article aims to offer awareness between young generations and show them the correct pathway to improve their Lifestyle. Besides, the peer effects of drug alcohol are affective on school students and resolve the foundations for overcoming it precisely. Furthermore, the objective of this article is to develop a concern between school students and understand the right perspective.

In serious matter, why the peer pressure regarding strong force in young generations in society? How can Peer pressure identify this factor of substance abuse among the adolescences? What are all the strategies to prevent those criminal activities among the young generation?

Peer pressure put an unenthusiastic impact on adolescents. 

      The peer pressure is a powerful influence over adolescents which is responsible for various crimes like alcohol or drug abuse unprotected sex. Though there are some special reasons or strong statement for this, the young generation needs to understand the bad impact of peer pressure. Therefore parents are facing numerous issues, and they are equally responsible for this crime. Poor self-esteem, as well as lack of self-confidence, have continuously recognized those factors in peer pressure, which leads to destructive and risk behaviours among the young generation. Many researchers reveal that the community should not plan accordingly to address those issues which are continuously put the wrong impact or negative peer pressure over teenagers. Therefore, peer pressure rejection among childhood could be the key determinant of society. Besides, peer pressure could be the strongest impact on teenagers concerning prostitution; alcohol use; domestic violence, etc. An academic resource suitable to recognize this viewpoint is the doctoral dissertation from Delta State University Nigeria, by Esiri, 2016.

Esiri, M. O. (2016). The influence of peer pressure is on criminal behaviour. Journal of Humanities and Social Science21(1), 08-14.

She is the faculty of Social Sciences, where she researched the influence of peer pressure over criminal behaviour. This analysis was important to recognize all criminal activities on teenagers by influencing peer pressure. Moreover, gift paper suggested that prospective investigation should be implemented as quickly as possible for recognizing those activities.

How those criminal activities can demonstrate and how the person takes charge to transform the overall scenario in the society?

Identification of peer pressures on teenagers or adolescences

      How can the risks be identified as prevention among the young generation by drug addiction? Some researchers advise that alcohol abuse and illicit drugs continue to become a critical health problem in upcoming days. It is also calculated that around 2.5 million peoples were died due to alcohol abuse like cocaine; heroin drugs past few years. Besides, substance abuse could be the other facts concerning significant morbidity alongside drug addiction treatment that produce a tremendous burden over society. Existing studies also show that the high correlation among adolescent abuse as well as this issue is becoming the key problem in adulthood also. So, this issue can be considered a harmful problem that can begin at an initial age. In terms of prevention, substance abuse between adolescence nails proper awareness where the young generation can drastically change their life. Apart from that, various studies also attempt to recognize those risk factors that are associated with alcohol usage among adolescents. Therefore, such factors conclude exposure towards drugs; parenting quality; social-economic status; peer pressure predisposition to drug addiction, etc.

 Campbell; Booth; Hackett and Sutton have been pursuing their doctorate from Durham University. Besides, those researchers are focused on the young generation who likes to demonstrate harmful sexual characteristics along with their families. This research was based upon qualitative review in terms of their personal experiences which is relevant to a professional intervention like abuse; violence and trauma.

What would be the overall percentage of the young generation are affected by sexual abuse?

Prevention of criminal activities by adopting several steps

In this critical scenario and under pressure, the community has a major concern to diminish such unlawful activities by executing to stop substance abuse. The major reason where teenagers are started taking drugs due to friends influences negatively. In this scenario, any person can take responsibility for successfully dealing alongside peer pressure among adolescents by providing the right guidance in peak time. Apart from that, people are overwhelmed and overworked due to various terms where their children are completely gone in the wrong direction. Therefore, it leads to addiction or criminal activities to them. So, families need to take care of their children and give the right education and prevent wrongs activities effectively. The parents should investigate the appropriate risk factors whereas they could be aware of such environmental; physical or biological risk among the young generation. So, they have to bring them from that unethical platform and provide the appropriate care which can easily improve their Lifestyle in further days. An academic resource for recognizing this conception is the doctoral dissertation from Indian psychology by Mary in 2019.

Kamara, S. M., Anyona, J., & Asatsa, S. (2019). School-Based Risk Factors Promoting Drug Abuse among Student in Public Secondary Schools in Molo Sub County, Kenya.

Mary; Jaren and Stephen have proposed an article for investigating risk factors depends on school for avoiding drug abuse consequently. Those researchers are obtained doctoral degrees where there is searched on drug abuse in various schools of Kenya.

Does the risk factor are adequate for increasing awareness among young generations or teenagers? 


Based on the research that has mentioned in these articles an enthusiastic impact on teenagers; identification of peer pressure; prevention of criminal activities are the major components for preventing criminal activities among the young generation. However, appropriate caution should be taken while societies are faced with various issues with the young generation. Moreover, parents play a major role to change their current Lifestyle by understanding their issues and give the right education them.

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