Single Parenting and Challenges Encountered in Single Parenting & Solutions!

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Challenges Of Single Parenting

Challenges Of Single Parenting

Single Parenting and Difficulties Encountered in Single Parenting

What does it means of Single parenting?

Children need a warm, faithful and sensitive environment to grow up the right way both mentally and physically. Children often require an ample amount of positive attention for them to grow with warmth and love and have a good relationship with their parents (Zalewski et al, 2012). With the increasing divorces in the current times, the separation of parents is having an adverse impact on the upbringing of their child and is affecting the child's mental peace. Hence in such situations, the challenges of single parenting arise.

How Does Single Parenting Affect a Child?

Single parenting is when a parent brings up a child without the assistance of their biological partner. The way the single parent brings up their child affects the mental health of the child in the long term (Jackson et al, 2010). When a parent is raising a child on their own it is important to be mentally strong and confident to be able to bring up the child in the right manner. Positive family relationships are built when the child feels secure and loved. Though single parenting is quite challenging and difficult, taking the right parenting ways will help the parent nurture and bring up the child in the most amazing and the right way.

Some Of The Ways Via Which The Parent Can Build Positive Relationships With The Child Are Discussed Below.

  • Make the most of the moments on daily basis by spending quality time with the child. This will help the child feel valued, cared and loved.
  • Talk to the child at regular intervals and have a one-on-one conversation to understand the likes and dislikes of the child. Understanding the child on a much deeper level and understanding their needs and wants will help them get attached to the parent more deeply (Gringlas& Weinraub, 1995).
  • Pay attention to the child and show love to the child physically by hugging, smiling and playing with the child. The child is always craving for such positive attention and when they receive such attention the child becomes internally happy.
  • Praise the child at regular intervals which will help the child to stay motivated and be close to the parent because they feel loved and cared for.
  • Acknowledge the feelings of your child and understand their behaviour and the reason behind that behaviour which is extremely important. Understanding the reasoning behind their behaviour will help the parent to solve the issue more deeply and help to build a positive bond with the child. 

Challenges Of Single Parenting

Raising a child alone in the current world is a difficult and challenging task for a single parent. Some of the challenges that are faced by single parents are discussed below.

Juggling Between Multiple Duties: as a single parent, you are supposed to fulfil the duties of both the mother and the father mentally, physically, and financially. In such instances, the parent gets so lost in their duties that they cannot give personal attention to their child (Crossman& Adams, 1980).

No Emotional Support: both the child and the parent have to face different emotional difficulties while staying in the society and face the emotional challenges.

No Quality Time with The Child: while the parent is so busy fulfilling the responsibilities of the child and giving the child a good life, the parent fails to spend quality time with the child which affects the personal relationship of the child and the parent (Barber& Eccles, 1992). When the child does not receive personal attention from the parent it will not be able to build deep bonds with the parent.

Single parenting is often considered too challenging but with the right steps, the parent can bring up their child in the right way and have a blissful bond with the child. 

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