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Top Tourist Attractions of Singapore

Top Tourist Attractions of Singapore

20 Top Tourist Attractions In Singapore

Singapore is known as wealthy country compared to other nearby countries. Singapore has huge shopping malls, luxury hotels and fine dining place to explore, also Singapore has an excellent transportation system which makes tourism easy. English is the common language which is being spoken by the citizens of Singapore, which is easily, understand by tourists.

Singapore is one of the famous countries which are known for its best tourism destinations. We have explored famous tourist’s places of Singapore and best places to visit in Singapore. The tourism takes place an important role for the economy of Singapore, and millions of foreigner visitors come Singapore very year hence its come into first place among all tourist destinations. 

Here are top Places to visit in Singapore

01: Marina Bay Sands- It is a luxury resort which includes luxury hotels, mall and a canal running through in it, also there is art science museum and the marina bay sands sky park observation deck.

The sky park has viewing deck and infinity pool in the ship that is top on the hotel, where only the hotel guest allowed in the infinity pool and tourist can visit the observation deck also from the sky park tourist can see the bridge, the port view and the gardens by the bay view points.

02:  Gardens by the Bay- It is a beautiful garden for enjoying the plant life and let forget the city hustle and bustle for the moment. Tourist can head to the cloud forest dome to see the world tallest indoor waterfall and learn the bio diversity.

03: Botanic gardens- This garden is quite different from the gardens of the bay, for showing the Singapore's wilder heritage. Tourist can visit the gardens heritage trees which protect the city from the pollution; also they can visit the national orchid garden as well.

04: Singapore Zoo- Singapore zoo is the world best rainforest zoo, the facility inside zoo is clean and the animals also well treated and with plenty of habitat space. The visitors can observe feeding of the some animals and allow them to spend 3 hours in zoo.  The zoo also has night safari and the jurong bird park for bird lovers.

05: Orchard road- The orchard road area is great place for shopping lovers; there are 22 malls and six department stores nearby areas to support more shopping. There are also 4 movie theaters and many restaurants to grab a bite during shopping.

06: Singapore flyer- This is the world largest giant obverse wheel, which offers you taking high tea looking out the whole city from the top. The visitor can choose from different packages as per their necessity which includes multimedia journey of Singapore history and creation of Singapore flyer.

07: Raffled hotel Singapore- this hotel was build in 1887 located in the city's colonial district, it is one of the world last grand 19th century hotel. Which promises excellent architres and tropical gardens, visitor can enjoy luxury food and services?

08: Chinatown- Singapore china town will make a feel like visiting in china, from the small markets and Chinese food this is will fill the excitement and hustle in visit. There is beautiful Hindu temple and Buddha tooth relic temple. The markets have been installed in English, chinaese and Japanese to make easier understand areas.

09: Sentosa Island -Singapore is not known as the beach country but there is sentosa Island to enjoy beach time, visitors can play volleyball go for kayaking plus they there is underwater world aquarium to swim with dolphins. A must see in the beach is merlion statue that has the head of the lion and the body of a fish, you can take an escalator to the top and enjoy the view from the top.

10: Clarke quay- After a long day of shopping on orchard road, visitor can head to the Clarke quay for waterfront dinner and entertainment. River taxis and cruised also depart from here which gives chance to admire historic bridges and view of landmarks.  The quay is also offers giant bungee-jumping attraction which attract young tourists.

11. Universal studios Singapore- it is occupies 49 acres of world sentosa resort, this park is giving tribute to location, film and television show. In addition to the many rides- range from kids friendly to daredevil-the park also has diverse dinning and shopping and live shows to enjoy.

12: Night safari Singapore- This safari is far different from the ordinary zoo safari. The park is dividing in 4 sections, each will let the visitors observe daily routine of the animals.

For example- the leopard trails has leopards as well lions foxes to experience their life and Asian elephant feeding session.  In addition to private tours, buggy rides and education session this complete the fun package for visitors.

13: Merlion park- This Park represents the city humble start as a mythical creature that has the head of a lion and the body and tail of fish. This park is ideal spot for photography with iconic views and likes out over the bay.

14: Asian civilizations museum- it was built in 1865 in the neo classical style and was named in honor of Queen Victoria. It is now houses the Asia civilization museum, which delves into the many Asian cultures that helped to form Singapore.

15:Pulau ubin(granite island)-  To get to know Singapore in earlier times, do visit the small island of pulau ubin, where less than 100 people still live as simple as they did in 1960s. Today it is a peaceful, rustic place where tourists can enjoy forests and wildlife.

16: Fort canning park- The Park was build in 1859, originly made to save Singapore from attacks later in 2nd world war it becomes a bunker and last surrendered to the Japanese in 1942.

17: The maritime experiential museum- this complete museum is located on the water, and it is a great way to explore Singapore history through fun and exhibits.

18: Fort siloso- Fort siloso is a preserved fort and a military museum located on Sengosa Island. It has many massive cannons on display and 3 tunnel systems to use to move around. Once at the fort visitors can join guide to explore the area or can go by their own.

19: National gallery Singapore- This is the home of the largest modern art collection in Asia. Its promote the works of local and Asian artists. Adding more the gallery has temporary exhibits as painting modern photography and Chinese calligraphy.

20: Jewel change airport- It is often voted best airport in the world. It is 10-story-high-jewel ghangi is not only a transportation hub, but it has over 300 shops and 40-meter-high hsbc rain vortex an indoor waterfall surrounded by tress.

The airport also has 2 movie threate, an indoor canopy park with garden mazes and stunning decks.

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