Are You Planning To Visit Kullu Manali? Explore Top Attractions and Best Destinations to Visit in Kullu Manali!

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Best Places to visit in  Kullu Manali

Best Places to visit in Kullu Manali

Top Attractions of Kullu Manali and Best Places to Visit - Kullu Manali Tourism

Kullu and manali is located at the river Beas and is the most famous tourist destination in himaachal Pradesh. In kullu manali the kullu valley is found which is covered with the forests and located inner and outer ranges of Himalaya. Here are the list of places visit in kullu and manali.

Top 15 Places To Visit In Kullu Manali

1. Rohtang pass: The pass is located in eastern hills of the pir panjal range. Rohtang pass is famous for hidden waterfalls and photography view of the valley. In the valley the tourist can enjoy jeep safari, adventure sports and a short visit to Nehru kund. The best time to visit the pass is in May.

2. Solang valley:  this valley also known as snow point is famous for hosting many winter adventure like skiing, parachuting, paragliding and has trekking hotspots. The views from the top is give snow capped peaks and glaciers. The timing to visit the valley is for all day 10 am to 6 pm.

3. Hadimba temple: This temple was built in 1553 dedicated to the rakshasa hadimba, wife of the pandava Bhima. It is a distinctive architectural style of Indian temple made of wood rather than stone. Nearly after 70 meters there is temple of ghatotkacha, son of the Bhima and hadimba and a warrior of Mahabharata. Tourist can enjoy visiting the museum of himaachal culture folk art, trek at the Himalayan trails and also visit rahala falls.

4. Vashist hot water springs: The place is situated across the Beas River and 4-5 kilometer far from manali. This village is famous among tourist and pilgrims for hot water springs and for its stone temples dedicated to a local saint vasistha. The hotspot of the village is to visit temple of saint vasisitha and trekking of the nearby hills.

5. Tibetan monasteries: Manali is also home of Tibetan monasteries where most famous is Himalayan gompa and gadhan gompa. These monasteries are made as pagoda style by Tibetan refugees and give a touch of Tibetan culture to the tourist. The tourist can enjoy shopping of traditional Tibetan arts and crafts and also they can relax and meditate here.

6. Beas river: Beas River has many camping spots and a water spot that is why is called as heart of kullu valley. Things to do in the valley are River water rafting, river crossing and visit nearby pandoh dam.

7. Great Himalayan national park: this park is a UNESCO world heritage site. The park is home of more than 375 faunal species. The park has unique biodiversity because of Himalayas nearby and government strictness. Visitor can enjoy the beautiful view of valley and mountains and make a visit to the banjaar sainj nearby.

8. Gulaba: Gulaba is village surrounded by the snow peaked mountains. This is a best alternative for visitors when Rohtang pass is closed. Visitors can enjoy various snow activities and spend peaceful time away from the city crowd. The place is also picked for shooting bollywood films.

9. Kothi: This place is away from hustle bustle of manali and picked by those people who less liking the travelled pathways and enjoy peaceful and quiet place to visit. Every corner is offers views of nearby hills and valleys. It is used as base camp for people trekking Rohtang pass.

10. Manikaran: Manikaran is a joint pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs. Many tourist visit kullu manali only to stay here for a day to relax and enjoy the pilgrim centers and hot springs. There is also experimental geothermal energy plant. Things to do around Manikaran are visit lord Shiva temple, shri guru nanak ji gurdwara and kulant pith.

11. Kasol: kasol is also called Mini-Israel because of significant Israeli population. Kasol is heaven for only nature lovers. That is why it has less tourist population from other places of himaachal Pradesh. Paravati valley passes near by the location, so many trekking activities conducted here.

Tourist can enjoy the trekking and rock climbing, exploring kheer ganga, taste Israeli food, do shopping for gemstones and visit the nearby towns of Manikaran ,Malang and tosh.

12. Manu temple: Manu temple is dedicated to the sage Manu, located near to river Beas. The temple was built in pagoda style. It is very famous tourist place in manali because it offers scenic views.

13. Bhrigu lake: this lake is named after the ancient Indian sage maharishi bhrigu. It is located near Rohtang pass. There is only one way to reach the lake which is trekking from gulabo village. According to locals, the lake never freezes and its water is considered to be sacred. The views from this lake can give Goosebumps to tourist.

14. Sultanpur palace:  This palace is the residence of the rulers of kullu valley, also called as the rupi palace, newly built on the remnants of the older damaged in earthquake. The palace has beautiful pahari architecture and style. Tourists can enjoy the meal at the restaurants and visit the raghunathji temple.

15. Basheshwar mahadev temple:  this temple is dedicated to Hindu lord Shiva, located 15 kilometers from kullu at a small village bajura was build in the 9th centurary ad The temple is also famous for promoting stone and various small idols of Hindu deities like lord Vishnu,ganesha,durga and laxmi. Tourist can also visit maa sharvari temple nearby.

The Things That You can Visit In Kullu And Manali

1. Country Side
2. Hidimba Temple
3. Listen to the Beas sing
4. Waterfalls: Listen to The Music
5. Museum of Himachal Culture & Folk Art: Explore the Past
6. Temples: Pay a Visit to The Almighty
7. Shri Hari Yoga Ashram: Practice Some Yoga
8. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary: Ride a Yak
9. Arjun Gufa: Meditate and Relax
10. Beas Kund: Trek To The Top
11. Tibetan Monastery: Pay A Visit For Peace and Pleasure
12. Riverside Camping: For Utmost Fun
13. Van Vihar Park: For The Lush Greenery
14. The Wrong Address Camp & Resort
15. Hermits Camp and Café
16. Footloose Camps
17. Shivaura Eco Camp & Homestay - Pulga

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