Top Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Delhi - India! Explore Best Tourist Destinations for Delhi Tourism!

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Top Places to Visit in Delhi, India

Top Places to Visit in Delhi, India

Top Attractions and Best Tourist's Destinations of Delhi, India

Capital of India- Delhi has two different worlds: New Delhi and Old Delhi, inaugurated by British in 1931 as an imperial capital of India. It is one of highly dense populated city of the world. You will get the people of all religion there. It's a blend of tradition and modernity. It is old as Yamuna river. Yamuna divide the Delhi in two parts i.e East Delhi (Old Delhi) and West Delhi (New Delhi). There are plenty of things which you can explore there whether its Mughal created monuments, cuisine or diverse art and craft. It's a paradise for the shoppers with various bazaars and markets including chandini chowk -Country most famous area.

Here are list of top tourist places in Delhi - India Tourism

Top 20 Places to Visit in Delhi, India

01. The Red Fort: Beautiful The Red fort which is also known as Lal Quila was built by Shah Jahan in 1648 and it was remain witness of the Mughal ruling till 1857. With its tall, red stone wall structure cover an area more than two sq. Km.

Lahore gate- An impressive gate named as it faces towards the Lahore city

of Pakistan then it used to be a part of India. Delhi gate of the Red fort was used by the ruler to see the ceremonial processions. While entering though the Lahore Gate tourist can reach Chatta Chowk a 17th Century covered bazaar where you can buy the items like silks, gems, jewelry and silverware.

Diwan-I-Am ,was used for public audiences, where emperor would receive the subjects, is also a worth seeing for its stunning white marble.

Naubat Khana within the Red fort and its fine galleries contain many interesting musical instruments such as kettledrum, gongs and Cymbals.

02. Qutub Minar: Qutub  minar is the tallest minaret. It is declared as UNESCO world heritage site which attract many international visitors. It was built in 12th century. Tourist remains eager to climb to the top for its stunning view of the surrounding area.

Five story tower rises more than 70 meters and is covered with carving featuring the history of Qutub with inscription from Kuran. First three stories are made of red sandstone, while the fourth and fifth stories are built with marbles and sandstone. A Mosque is also located at the base of the tower.

03. Lodhi Garden: One of the most popular park in New Delhi , it is spread over 90 acre . Apart from the Lush gardens it also contains tombs and ruins.

Lodhi garden is also, known for its flora and fauna with more than 100 species of native trees, 50 species of butterflies and plenty of birds. It is also famous for National Bonsai Park.

04. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib : Built in 18th century it is one of the important place of worship for sikh  community .It is located near to the Cannaught Place- one of the most happening place of Delhi. It is famous for Golden dome, flagpole and Sarovar- A magnificent pool.

It has an art gallery and small museum which dedicated to the history of Sikh religion. An excellent meal which is also known as Langar is also served to the visitor at no extra cost.

05. Lotus Temple: It's an example of architectural master piece. Baha'I house of worship is also known as Lotus temple due to its nine sides and central dome .which gives it a look of lotus flower. It was constructed in 1986 with white concrete and marble. This beautiful place doesn't have any religious picture,no idols, or no outward symbol of religion.

06. India Gate: India gate was built in the memory of Indian soldiers who lost their life in World War I. This memorial is a magnificent stone arch built. Its walls are inscribed with the names of more than 90000 soldiers who died in WWI. An eternal flame burns 24X7 in memory of martyred.

07. Jama Masjid: It is the largest mosque build by Shah Jahan in 1658. It has three gateways and four angled towers, where tourists climb on top and enjoy the beautiful view of old delhi. Afterwards visitors must visit the local   Dubai of Delhi called chandni chowk and naya bazaar.

08. Humayun's tomb:  It was built by Haji begum in mid-16th century in memory of her husband. The tomb is surrounded by lush green garden. It is built of marble and red sandstone. Initially it was designed as prototype of Taj Mahal in Agra. It is an excellent example of mughal architecture.

09. Akshardham:  It was constructed in 2007 but it looks like it could be centuries old. Beautiful craving of animals, plants, gods, dancers and  musician all made of pink sandstone and marble.234 pillars supporting its nine dome other features include a theatre and 15 min boat ride which showcase the rich history and diverse culture of India. A large musical fountain is a treat for the visitors when it light up.

10. Rajpath and Rashtrapti Bhavan: Rajpath is also known as King way, famous for traditional ceremonies , Where as Rashtrapati bhavan is the official residence of India's First citizen.Rajpath comes alive every year on 26th January  parade.

At the western end of Rajpath, President House is one of the magnificent buildings of Delhi. It's a blend of Mughal and European architectural style that contain 340 decorated rooms.

11. Rajghat and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial:  Mahatma Gandhi- The Father of nation museum housed in a property where he was assassinated in 1948.

It displays the lifestyle of him including the room in which he stayed. Raj Ghat is near by the spot where he was cremated.

12 Jantar Mantar: It is one of the five astronomical observatories constructed by Jai Singh I in 1725. It is designed to observe the movements of sun and other planets. Highlight of this architecturally pleasing building is a big Sun Dial which is known as prince dial.

13. Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum : It's a museum housed in the residence of the former prime minister Indira Gandhi. Museum include documentary of photos of her life, her personal belongings.

14. National Museum:  One is india largest museum include archeological finds, sculpture, musical instruments etc. It exhibits  silk banners, wall painting.

15. Laxmi Narayan Temple: Temple was opened by Mahatam Gandhi in 1939 in connaught place. Spread over nearly 08 acre. It feature lush tropical garden , fountains and sculpture.

16. National Zoological Park : Established in 1959 and habitat of more than 1500 animals and bird species. Abundant wildlife in this park is representative of all continents, including Africa, Australia and Asia.

17. National Craft Museum: Craft museum is officially named the National Handicraft and Handlooms Museum. It displays variety of traditional crafts across India. Its exhibits the architectural displays of various regional villages, exquisite wood cravings, painting and embroidery.

18. National Rail Museum: National Rail museum houses more than 30 rare locomotives and carriages. 140 years of Indian railway history has been preserved here. Other highlights include collections of saloons cars , carriages which carried the Gandhi ashes after his assassination.

19. Hauz Khas Complex: It's a fascinating urban village of south new delhi. entire village has domed tombs of Muslim royalty .Other highlights are ancient college and tomb of Firoz shah .Who ruled delhi in 14th century.

20 Sulabh International Museum of Toilet:  It shows the evolution of the toilet and their various designs. Facts, photos and artifacts presents the development of technology, toilet etiquettes with exhibits including chambers pots, toilet furniture , water closet from 1145 onwards.

21. Purana Quila(The Old Fort): It is one of the oldest fort in delhi. Built by emperors Humayun and Sher Shah. It has Quila- i-Kuna Mosque , a single dome worship place, which was built in 1541. It is spread over an area of two km.

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