Key Attractions / Destinations and Tourism Places of Hungary - Explore Best Places to Visit in Hungary!

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Hungary Tourism

Hungary Tourism

Hungary is one of the countries that belong to the polyglot Austro-Hungarian Empire. The country is totally collapsed during the World War I, the country once again fall from communist rule after the World War II. The country was under the intervention of the Moscow during the years of 1956 and the revolt occurred during that time. Subsequently there is swift turn in the political scenario of the country and the country moved towards a multi party dominated democracy. After the end of USSR, the country formulated close ties with EU and later joined in NATO as well in the year 1999. Since then the country is one of the fore runners in the aggressive economic expansions of European Union.  The following part of the discussion is about the tourism profile of the nation and the profile detailing of the international tourism visits to the country. There is in-depth evaluation of the nation’s profile and also there is close discussion on the statistical overview of the tourism operations in the country.

Tourism in Hungry 

Tourism business has gained popularity in the past years. A well-doing tourism business not only helps the hospitality industry of the particular region but also makes also makes it economically strong in the larger scale. Hungary is one of the most attractive tourist sites all around the globe. It is famous for its rich and beautiful culture. Moreover, Hungary is counted among the most affordable destinations for tourists. It is a great choice for travelers looking for natural and scenic beauty, along with traditional food. The folk culture, the countryside views, the cultural arts and crafts make Hungary an ideal choice for explorers. 

Impact Of Hungarian Tourism On Its Host Community

Tourism is the link, which connects people from different corners of the world. It creates interactions between travelers and local people. In the tourism process, the host community of Hungary comes in touch with foreign crowds and meets them. This can lead to positive as well as negative impacts on the host community of Hungary. There is a complex relationship between the tourists and the local hosts. The way of expression depends from region to region, on which, depends on the nature of the impact. The positive impact can be the improvement of quality of life of the local residents by interaction and cultural diversification. On the other hand, the negative impact can be increased in costs and distortion of one’s cultural values.

International Visitors and the Visitor Origin:

Hungary is one of the countries with high visit of tourists every year. Few years back the country is rated as high as thirteenth country in the global countries as the one with maximum number of tourist visits in the country. Further there is increase in the number of tourists every year from year to year in the country. There is drastic increase in the number of tourists visiting the country from 2004 to 2005. Out of all the international visitors that visit the country, the maximum number of visitors is from European continent. Also there are considerable visitors from other countries like Austria, Germany and Slovakia. Visitors from these countries make up the largest number from other countries. The tourism duration in the country is between April through October. Out of all the cities in the country Budapest is the place with maximum number of visitors every year.

Accomodation in Hungary:

Hungary is one of the locations with good accommodation facilities for expatriates. Expatriates in the country will normally will avail locations like apartments and residential flats where expatriate tourists can avail the accommodation facilities. Infact at present there are numerous online rental facilities available in the region which can provide rental services to the expatriates visiting the location (Toth, 2016). All types of rooms with diverse facilities like furnished accommodations, unfurnished accommodations etc available. All classes of the accommodations are available in Hungary (Attila, 2016).

Impact of GDP from tourism on Hungary:

Tourism and Travel domain has considerable impact on the GDP of the country (Holloway, 2016). The revenues obtained from this sector have considerable contribution to the overall GDP of the country. There is considerable contribution and when expressed in billion Hungarian forints the following are the results of the same. This is considerable fraction and both the Gross GDP and the contribution of Tourism industry to the Hungary GDP are growing gradually (Haller, 2016).

Key Attractions At The Destination:

Tourist attractions in Hungary cannot be said complete without discussion about Budapest. Budapest has all the tourist attractions that have potential to attract expatriate tourists into the country. Buda Castle has history since 17th century and the castle was rebuilt in later times with a large number of rooms and interior decoration, this is really worthy place to visit and makes up the key element for calling the place as Paris of the east. Danue River splits the river into two parts and as it moves through the city, the beauty of the river cannot be explained literally. Natural hot springs makes up several cities in the region as spa cities. Tihany a lake island and a holiday resort is a great place to stay for any expatriate visitor. Caves of Lillafured are another important location of the city. Sopron is a place with medieval architecture and cultural features. Eger castle is a gate way to the city. St Peter cathedral is a great historical place and tourism attraction too. Visegrad Royal place is also a hill top castle and has all the features necessary to attract international tourists to the location. The Buda hills of the Budapest are another popular tourism attraction. Aggteleck natural park and caves are still very attractive and very unique sites that cannot be find in any other country.

15 Top-Attractions & Tourist Places in Hungary

1. Buda Castle, Budapest. Buda Castle, Budapest
2. The Danube River. The Danube River.
3. Historic Spa Towns. Historic Spa Towns
4. Esztergom Basilica. Esztergom Basilica.
5. Hungarian Parliament Building, Budapest.
6. Tihany.
7. The Caves of Lillafüred.
8. Hortobágy National Park.
9. The Hungarian Open Air Museum
10. Sopron
11. Eger Castle
12. Pecs Cathedral
13. Visegrád Royal Palace
14. The Buda Hills
15. Aggtelek National Park & Caves

There is considerable impact of the tourism industry on the Hungary GDP as it makes up considerable portion of its revenues. Also it is very prominent attraction of the country as it is ranked in the top tourist attraction countries in the world. Apart from the existence of the attractions for the tourist locations, there is considerable comfort and convenience available in the country for the travellers to take up the accommodation. Hence the industry is flourishing in the country. There is every chance for the industry to progress in the same trend and any investment made in the country in this direction can bring out revenues back to the country. As of now Europeans visiting for short term visit makes up the large sector of the tourists visiting the country(Zsarnockzky,2017), if proper advertising and promotion is planned to outreach faraway countries like Asia and Middle East, it is very likely that it can be visited by people from these locations as well in future.

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