Exciting Tourism of Mount Abu, Rajasthan - Explore the Best Places to Visit in Mount Abu!

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Best places to visit in mount abu - Rajasthan

Best places to visit in mount abu - Rajasthan

Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a famous hill station of Rajasthan, situated in Pindwara Aravelli mountain range. It is one of the popular tourist destinations because of its cool climate, lakes, mountain, heritage sites and lush greenery.  

Nakki Lake:

Nakki lake is also known as Nakki Jheel is situated in the range of Araveli hills. It is a first manmade lake in india. Nakki Lake is surrounded by greenery, mountains and rocks. Blue water of lake makes this destination for nature lover.

Mahatama Gandhi's ashes were immersed there and Gandhi ghat was constructed nearby. 

Guru Shikhar :

Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of the Araveli Range, the height of the peak is 1722meters from sea level. Which gives the beautiful view of the Aravelli hills and Mount Abu. Guru Shikhar mean "Peak of Guru" it was named after Guru Dattaerya , who used to reside their during his days as monk. You can reach there after 15 km drive and climb few steps. Best time to visit the Mount Abu is October to March. There is old age bell at the top of the Guru Shikhar. Sound of ringing a bell chimes long and far.

Toad Rock:

Toad rock is a rock piece which is located south of Nakki lake , which looks like a toad is about to jump into lake. It is known as Mascot of Mount Abu. 

Dilwara Temple:

Dilwara temple is the pilgrimage site for the Jains. It was designed by Vastupal Tejpal and built by Vimal Shah between 11th  to 13th century.

Temple is known for its architectural design. Dilwara temple consist of five temples name Vimal Vasahi,Luna Vasahi , Pittalhar, Parshavanatha and Mahvir Swami Temple. Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi are the most famous temple out of these five. Each temple has its Rang Mandap , central hall, Garbhagraha. 

Sunset Point:

A Hill Station without Sun point is not complete. Sun set point in Mount Abu is a perfect picnic spot amont the locals and tourist. Soothing climate of Mount Abu makes Sun net point a pleasurable destination for tourist. 

Bhrahma Kumari Ashram:

Bhrahma Kumari world spiritual University is an international, non government body founded by Dada Lekhraj Kriplani  in 1930 with headquarter located in Mount Abu. It is also knows and Madhuban(Forest of honey). It has a museum which depicts the knowledge, which gave by Lord Shiva to Prajapati Bhrahma . It is spread over in 50 acre lush green area, where with the help of medications and spiritual learning you can connect yourself with nature and god.

Trevor's Tank

It is also known as Trevor's Crocodile Park. It's a man made tank  for crocodile breeding site and wild life sanctuary. It is one of popular picnic spot in Mount Abu. It is also famous for bird watching. A jungle safari is also available up to certain point. 


Ranakpur is a small town falling between on the way between Udaipur and Mount Abu. It a beautiful town nested in the mid of Arraveli mountain range. There are lots of temples dedicated to the Jainism. 

Raghunath Temple

Shri Raghunath Temple is dedicated to the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is 650 Year old temple located at the shore of Nakki lake.

It is visited by Vaishnavites who consider the temple is one the sacred places on the earth. It is believed that Raghunath Ji save his followers from natural calamities, pains and problem of life. You can see the influence of Mewar in its architect. Delicate craving and painting can be seen on the wall of the Raghunath Temple. Idolof  Shri Raghunath ji is one of the  main attraction. 

Achalgarh Village

Achalgarh village is famous for Achalgarh fort and temple. Anchleshwar temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. It is famous for Nandi which is made of five metals Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper and Zinc. Achalgarh fort is situated at the top of the mountain.

 Achalgarh fort was built by Paramara dynasty in 15th Century. Later it was renovated by Maharan Khumbha. There are Jain temples inside the fort which was built in 1513. 

Champa Cave

It's a historical site for trekking in Mount Abu. It is located between Swami Vivekanand did medication there in 1891.

Champa cave is divided between two sections where smaller one use for medications and other section was used as bedroom. It is advisable that visit during the monsoon should be avoidable. 

Shankar Math

Shankar math is a lord shiva temple. It is known for nine feet tall shiva linga made of black stone. It was established in 1977 by shri Mahisanand Girji Maharaj. Special Bhasam Aarti conducted in temple on every Monday. 

Gaumukh Temple

Gaumukh temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The major attraction of this temple is 700 stairs which one has to climb to reach the temple.

It was built by saint Vashishth, who performed the Yagna  who created the four clans of Rajput. According to the Ramayan , Ram Laxman came here to attain the Gyan and Blessing of Rishi Vashistha during their Vanvas.

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