Explore Top Attractions of Ranthambore National Park (Tiger Reserve) - Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan!

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Top Attractions of Ranthambore National Park

Top Attractions of Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park - Sawai Madhopur,  Rajasthan Tourism

Ranthambore national park is located in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. It is 184 Km far away from Jaipur and 14 Km from Sawai Madhopur.

It is spread over in 392 Sq.km of lush green areas. It shares its boundary with Mansingh Sanctuary and Kela devi bird sanctuary. It is located in the mountain range of Aravalis and Vindhyas .

Ranthambore national park initially established as Sawai Madhopur game sanctuary in 1955, but in 1973 Government of India declared it as tiger reserve projects in India and in Nov, 1980 it was declared as national park. Ranthambore National Park is famous for Royal Bengal tiger's habitat. It is bounded by Banas River in north and Chambel River in south. It was considered as hunting destination for former royal family of Jaipur. Flora and fauna of the park includes 539 species of flowering plant.

Ranthambore fort a UNESCO world heritage site was built in 10th century. There are three temples inside the fort which is dedicated to the Lord Ganesh , Shiva and Ramlalji. These temples are made of famous red stone of Karauli.  Digamber  JainTemple of Lord Sumatinath and Sambhavanath  were also built up there in 12th and 13th century .In 2005 there were 26 Tigre in the park which increases to 75 by 2022.

Padam Talao is one of the largest lake of the park apart from Padam Raj Bagh and Malik Talab are others talab in Ranthmbore national park. Jogi Mahal is built up at the edge of the Padam Talao.

India second largest banyan tree is also found near the lake. Sanctuary remain opened for the tourist from Oct to June. Ranthambore national park is accessible by rail and road.

TOP Attractions in Ranthambore National Park (Tiger Reserve)

1. Wild Animals: A wide variety of the wild animals are available in this park whether is Tiger, Leopard, Jackal, Fox, Hyena and Bear. Occasionally elusive Indian wolf can be spotted here. You can have the opportunity to view them in their natural habitat."Macchi" was the most famous tigress of the park. She dies in 2016 but she left many legends in her youth days.

2. Bird Watching: It is home to the various birds, they come here because of its rich diverse terrain and various water bodies.

3. Gypsy Safari: Forest department approved gypsies are allowed for the safari in the approved region only. Safari is only allowed in morning and evening shift.

4. Canter Safari: A 20 seater open bus allowed to operate in forest department approved zones only.  Canter safari are cheaper than Gypsy safari.

Tiger Reserves - Rajasthan's Top Attractions of Safari in National Parks, India - A Wildlife Adventure

Best National Parks in Rajasthan, India For A Wildlife Adventure

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  9. Machia Biological Park, Jodhpur
  10. Tal Chappar Sanctuary, Churu
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