Shimla - A Best Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh, India - A Complete Tourist's Guide for Shimla Tour!

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Shimla Top Attraction among Hill Stations of India

Shimla Top Attraction among Hill Stations of India

"You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!" -

Shimla, the city of Himachal Pradesh, India is a beauty in itself, often called the 'peace-inheritance'. Shimla is the beautiful capital and the largest city that catches the breath away from millions. The residents seem to enjoy the lofty mountains, serenity, lustrous greenery and scenic beauty of the Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh galore. Apart from being called as 'peace inheritor' the city has been declared as India's 'summer capital'. Those lofty mountains and comfortable weather, green and blushful trees, the foothills and fountains have allowed Shimla to become a commercial hub. The travellers across India and globe are amused by not only cultural but the aestheticism of the state. The Abode of Lord Shiva, attracts powerful devotees from India. The atmosphere, climatic conditions and ambience attracted the British initially. The Britishers in the early 19th century were amused by the place that allowed them to concretise the geographical area into a city amidst the dense forests of the Himalayas to which we today call as 'Shimla'.

The Britisher's influence of architecture can be largely drawn from the Tudorbethan and neo-Gothic architectures and constructed residents. These gothic wooden interiors on the foot hills since the colonial era, can also be stressed in multiple temples and churches of Shimla. The style followed in the construction of Shri Hanuman Jakhu (Statue), and other temples like Jakhu Temple have Tudorbethan style. On the other hand, churches like Christ Church attract a lot of tourists. The Britishers have planned the city so well based not only on architecture but on geographical stratagem. In the centre we have Jakhoo and Annandale in the South, Sanjauli in the East and Chotta Shimla in the West. These are symbolised with the peculiarities like language, culture, mountains, greenery, foothills and so on.

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The city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is named after Shyamala Mata. The name of the Goddess has been prevalent since Harappan time. The name in itself suggests a bold manifestation of the goddess Kali who is worshipped across devotees in India. The Shyamala goddess's temple, known as the Kali Bari temple, is located on Bantony Hill, near The Ridge of Shimla. There is another speculation that Shimla got its name from the expression 'Shyamalaya,' which means "blue slate" in Jakhu and was coined by a faqir. But the similarity lies in the deity named 'Shyama'. Gradually the city's name was changed from Shimla to Shyamala by the state government in 2018, but still Shimla is more prevalent.

The railway station of Shimla, Kalka-Shimla Railway is unique in its own. It was built in the colonial era by the British which is a contemporary yet popular site The UNESCO World Heritage Site has categorised the Kalka Shimla Railways station as a major tourist attraction of India. The foot hills to steep terrain, Shimla in contemporary times has been able to successfully host the mountain biking race MTB Himalaya contests that have allowed adults showcase their talents and skills. These contests began in 2005 and are regarded as fitful, skilful and one of the biggest events of India and South Asia.

The beauty that encapsulates the mind of travellers from far off is a number of interesting locations to visit. The fascination begins with wooden houses having their own Tudor style and fabrication. The majority of the city's historic buildings have been kept in their original 'Tudorbethan' design. The residential houses are a differentiation on their own. Secondly, the clean roads, pathways and narrow ridges.

The hangouts in the city centre, such as the Mall and the Ridge area provide a contemporary scene of Himachal. Besides the lofty mountains and fresh water fountains, The State Museum is an attraction too. It holds a collection of regional art, jewellery, and textiles from the early 19th and 20th centuries. The large array of beaded and metal jewellery is popular in Shimla. Lakkar Bazaar, a bazaar that extends off the Ridge, sells wooden souvenirs, handicrafts, traditional items, and crafts that catch the rye. the traditional exquisite jewellery to embroidered shawls and clothes to leather goods and sculptures holds a significant tourist attraction. Shimla is densely forested with pine and deodar trees that sets the scenic beauty. With the approval of the government, the wood has been extensively employed in Shimla's important structures. They are used by local handicrafts and artisans in making miniature boxes, kitchenware, picture carvings that are exhibited in carnivals and gifted as souvenirs. Various floral and other themes are employed. Blankets and rugs are made from wool. Handkerchiefs, hand fans, gloves, and hats are among the items embroidered. Shimla shawls are well-known for their high quality. Shimla leathercraft includes beautiful and stylish shoes, bags and belts. Near the Tatta Pani, a point 50 kms from Shimla at the joints of Satluj river, there are a plethora of different exciting activities available to satisfy those adrenaline desires. Forest camping, bungee jumping, paragliding, cycling through the wilderness of the 'Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary' are among them. The prominent visionary demands of tourists are the 'Himalayan Bird Sanctuary,' 'Kiala Forest,' and 'Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary and so on. They have attracted not only tourists but photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The city of Lord Shiva, or Kali or Lofty mountains will undoubtedly fill the hearts of traveller's joy and find this little spot on the planet to be a delightful treat. It has not been a visual treat for Indians but the world at large.   One of India's greatest tourist attractions, known as 'Scandal Point,' is a lovers' paradise as well. People are captivated by the vistas of the hills, birds, wildlife, a cold mountain wind, and the setting sun frequently form a wonderful spell and creates an experience of no less than a paradise.

From having fiery momo's from 'Mall Road' bustles with little cafes offering coffee and roasted corn, amuses and refreshes the minds of people. With a book, and a nice cup of coffee at one of the exquisite cafes any person can enjoy the ecstatic and picturesque colonial city.


Top Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Shimla:

  • The Ridge       
  • Jakhoo Hill and Temple
  • Mall Road      
  • Kalka-Shimla Railwa
  • Kufri   
  • Christ Church
  • Green Valley  
  • Indian Institute of Advanced Study
  • Kali Bari Temple        
  • Himachal State Museum
  • Tara Devi Temple      
  • Gaiety Heritage
  • Cultural Complex
  • Mashobra       
  • Chadwick Falls
  • Annandale      
  • Johnnie's Wax Museum
  • Himalayan Bird Park 
  • Viceregal Lodge
  • Summer Hill
  • Shaily Peak
  • Lakka Bazaar
  • Manjathal Sanctuary
  • Gorton Castle
  • Army Heritage Museum
  • Scandal Point
  • Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex


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